Privacy and cookies policy

This is the privacy and website cookies policy of the following website, and is presented by Serviced Websites limited.

  1. Aims and Objectives

1.1. The purpose of this policy is to clearly define the different areas where user’s privacy may be concerned, and outlines the obligations and requirements of the:

user – the person who is viewing this website using a web based browser. When we use the words ‘you’, ‘viewer’, ‘reader’, ‘user’, ‘anyone’, then we are referring to the person or persons browsing this website, using a web based browser to do so;

website – the files and webpages that go into making up this website. A website is a related collection of pages and files normally prefixed by WWW, and usually includes what is termed a home page;

owners – the persons who own the legal rights to this website, typically the company or individual(s) as shown above. On this page, the terms when we use the words ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, we are referring to the owner(s) of the site as shown above

1.2. This policy sets out the way this website processes, stores and protects user data. It touches on how the information may be used, and your rights to request any details that we may hold about you.

  1. The Website

2.1. This website and the owners of the website, believe that your privacy is totally necessary. We aim to always take a professional approach to safeguarding user privacy, and to that end, we ensure that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard any data we may hold about you. This website seeks to comply with all UK laws as set out at the time of writing, and we adhere to the standards and requirements set out for user privacy.

  1. What information do we collect?

3.1. We may collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

3.2. Information about your computer (no personal information held on your computer) about your visits to this website, and your use of the website. This may include –

3.2.1. your IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, operating system, referral source, length of visit, page views, website navigation and details;

3.2.2. information relating to any transactions carried out between you and us on or in relation to this website, including information relating to any purchases you make of our goods or services;

3.2.3. information that you may provide to us for the purpose of registering with us;

3.2.4. information that you provide to us for the purpose of subscribing to our website services, email notifications and/or newsletters.

3.2.5. any other information that you may choose to send to us;

3.2.6. other information


  1. How we may use this personal information

4.1. Personal information submitted to us via this website will be used for the purposes specified in this privacy policy or in relevant parts of the website. We may use this information to:

4.1.2. administer sections of the website;

4.1.3. improve your browsing experience by personalising the website;

4.1.4. enable your use of the services available on the website;

4.1.5. send to you goods or services purchased via the website;

4.1.6. send statements and invoices to you, and collect payments from you if applicable;

4.1.7. send you general (non-marketing) commercial communications;

4.1.8. send you email notifications which you have specifically requested;

4.1.9. send to you our newsletters and any other marketing communications relating to our business. We may (at your agreement) also send you information of carefully-selected third parties, which we think may be of interest to you by post or, where you have specifically agreed to this, by email or similar technology.

4.2. You can inform us at any time if you no longer require marketing communications, by letting us know, or choosing to unsubscribe on any email or digital newsletter communication.

4.3. Provide third parties with statistical information about our users – but this information will not be used to identify any individual user;

4.3.1. deal with enquiries and complaints made by or about you relating to the website;

4.3.2. any other uses.

4.4. Where you submit personal information for publication on our website, we will publish and otherwise use that information in accordance with the license you grant to us.

4.5. We will not without your express consent provide your personal information to any third parties for the purpose of direct marketing.

4.6. All our website financial transactions are handled through our payment services providers, Santander, WorldPay and PayPal. You can review the PayPal privacy policy at We will share information with PayPal only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing payments you make via our website and dealing with complaints and queries relating to such payments.


  1. Disclosure of information

5.1. We may disclose information about you to any of our employees, officers, agents, suppliers or subcontractors insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes as set out in this privacy policy.

5.2. In addition, we may disclose your personal information:

5.2.1. to the extent that we are required to do so by law;

5.2.2. in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings.

5.2.3. in order to establish, to exercise or defend our legal rights, including providing information to others for the purposes of fraud prevention and reducing credit risk;

5.2.4. to the purchaser (or prospective purchaser) of any business or asset which we are (or may be contemplating) selling; and –

5.2.5. to any person who we reasonably believe may apply to a court or other competent authority for disclosure of that personal information where, in our reasonable opinion, such court or authority would be reasonably likely to order disclosure of that personal information.

5.3. Except as provided in this privacy policy, we will not disclose your information to third parties.


  1. International data transfers

6.1. Information that we collect may be stored and processed in and transferred between any of the countries in which we operate in order to enable us to use the information in accordance with this privacy policy. Such information which is provided by you may be transferred or shared to other countries which do not have data protection laws in force similar to those of the EEA (European Economic Area).

6.2. In addition, any personal information that you may submit for publication on this website (user generated content), will be published on the internet, and therefore may be available via the internet and web based browsers around the world. With this in mind, we therefore cannot prevent the use or misuse of such information by others. You thereby expressly agree that such transfers of personal information will be available in these cases.

  1. Security of your personal information

7.1. We will take all reasonable, technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information and data. Any information stored on servers will be encrypted and secured by password and firewall technologies, and where necessary employ SSL safeguards. However, data transmitted across the internet is inherently insecure, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of any data sent over the internet.

7.2. If we have password enabled systems on this website, then you are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your username and password (otherwise also referred to as User ID Credentials). Except for times when you may need to login we will never ask you to disclose (or tell us) your password.


Use of Cookies on this website

Like most websites, we use cookies to help the user get the best experience when viewing and using this website. It may be that the website uses a “cookie control system”, a system designed to pop up a window asking for permission to set cookies. Alternatively, we may display a clear statement about cookies, as indicated by The EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive), which adopted an opinion which clarifies that some cookie uses might be exempt from the requirement to gain consent.

Cookies are not all bad. Cookies are just small text based files that browsers will store to help the hard drive and your computer work faster when browsing websites. Most web browsers and websites will use cookies. These cookies allow websites to help users get the most from their website, and help users get things done quicker. Cookies are NOT biscuits and they are not viruses, or programs.

This website may use tracking software to monitor its visitors to help the owners better understand how the website is being used. This “tracking software” is provided by Google, which will not store any personal identifying information about YOU. Because we have no control over either of these professional bodies, you may wish to view their own independent privacy and cookie policies.

View Google’s Privacy Policy.

Other cookies may be used by this website, if it uses for example referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. Again, these cookies will not store any personal information about you.

Getting in touch with us

Any users that may contact the website and/or its owners, do so entirely at their own discretion. Contact forms that the website may use, or transfer of emails between you and the website and/or owners, is handled in a professional way. However, unless the website shows https:// in the URL, then any data sent by yourself could be subject to being intercepted by others. Generally speaking the risk is very low, but we cannot be held responsible for any personal information you may choose to send us. Any personal information you do send us is kept private and confidential, and only stored by us, for as long as reasonably required. We adhere to the information outlined in the Data Protection Act when handling your personal information.

This website and its owners use any information submitted to provide you with further information about the products / services they offer or to assist you in answering any questions or queries you may have submitted. This includes using your details to subscribe you to any email newsletter program the website operates but only if this was made clear to you and your express permission was granted when submitting any form to email process. Or whereby you the consumer have previously purchased from or enquired about purchasing from the company a product or service that the email newsletter relates to. This is by no means an entire list of your user rights in regard to receiving email marketing material. Your details are not passed on to any third parties, without your consent.

Newsletters and emails

This website may operate an email newsletter system, or you may have been asked if you would like to be kept informed and updated about changes on the website, promotions, trials, free stuff, etc. If this is the case, you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from emails, or further communications from us, unless of course these are in connection with the service or business that we may be dealing with you about.

Subscriptions are taken in compliance with UK Spam Laws detailed in the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. All personal details relating to subscriptions are held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. No personal details are passed on to third parties nor shared with companies / people outside of the company that operates this website. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you may request a copy of personal information held about you by this website’s email newsletter program. We are entitled by law to charge a small fee before complying with any possible requests. If you would like a copy of the information held on you please write to the business address shown on our contact pages.

Email marketing campaigns published by this website or it’s owners may contain tracking facilities within the actual email. Subscriber activity is tracked and stored in a database for future analysis and evaluation. Such tracked activity may include; the opening of emails, forwarding of emails, the clicking of links within the email content, times, dates and frequency of activity [this is by no far a comprehensive list]. This information is used to refine future email campaigns and supply the user with more relevant content based around their activity.

In compliance with UK Spam Laws and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 subscribers are given the opportunity to un-subscribe at any time through an automated system. This process is detailed at the footer of each email campaign. If an automated un-subscription system is unavailable clear instructions on how to un-subscribe will by detailed instead.

External website links

Although this website only looks to include quality, safe and relevant external links users should always adopt a policy of caution before clicking any external web links mentioned throughout this website.

The owners of this website cannot guarantee or verify the contents of any externally linked website despite their best efforts. Users should therefore note they click on external links at their own risk and this website and it’s owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

This website may contain sponsored links and adverts. These will typically be served through our advertising partners, to whom may have detailed privacy policies relating directly to the adverts they serve.

Clicking on any such adverts will send you to the advertiser’s website through a referral program which may use cookies and will tracks the number of referrals sent from this website. This may include the use of cookies which may in turn be saved on your computer’s hard drive. Users should therefore note they click on sponsored external links at their own risk and this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.

Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, etc

This website may use, or have links to certain social media websites. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These social media websites have their own Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Cookie Policies. We may use social sharing buttons, which help users share content directly from the webpage to a particular social media website. How you may share your personal information on such sites is up to you. It may be that a particular social media website may track how you have shared certain web pages within your own social media account. The owners and this website accept no liability for this.

We or the website owners, will never ask for personal, private or confidential information through social media platforms. The website owners encourage users who may wish to share personal information with them, to make contact through more primary communication channels, such as email, video conferencing, skype or telephone.

Shortened Links in Social Media

A couple of years ago started offering the ability to customize the way shortened URLs look. These custom short URLs enabled social media users to limit the length of their links without losing the brand identity of their company. This website may share links to relevant web pages, or websites, or social media sites, and in some instances the link may have been shortened. An example of this would be this link here:

As with any website link, users are urged to think before just clicking on any hyperlink. Be sensible before clicking links, especially shortened URL’s as there is no real indication as to the actual web address you may be clicking onto. Normally shortened URL’s will be published on social media platforms, but they may also be used on parts of this website. The website owners accept no liability for issues caused by visiting any links, shortened or otherwise.

Further Information and Helpful Resources

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