Airline Contacts - Licenses

All licence options are deployed with our most upto date listing of contact points from over 100 airlines. 

Independent Travel Agent

Access to our main agents dashboard with access to all current and future airline listings. 
1 x User


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Independent Travel Agencies

All agency licenses receive a subdomain on with the prefix of their chosing. *This is subject to availbility, so be quick. 


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SME Travel Consortiums

We provide a managed VPS whitelabled to your brand with 5 agency license sub-domains, and admin access to add and update airlines within your group 


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Travel Management Companies

We provide a fully managed whitelabelled VPS to match your brand, and with upto 10 user licenses, 1 support user and 1 admin account.

RestAPI access is also available on request.  


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Whitelabel Edition 

Receive your very own version of Airline Contacts on your server. This comes completely white labelled to match your brand on both the public site as well as the agency dashboard. Also included is 40hrs of training, provided over a 3 month period.


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